1 tube de 75g – Dure jusqu’à 2 mois

  • + Up to 2 month's use *


1 tube of 75gr + 1 Free tube of 15g

* for upper and lower dentures

3x 75g + 1x 15g Tube de voyage Gratuit

  • + Up to 6 month’s use *


3 tubes of 75g + 2 Free tubes of 15gr

* For upper and lower dentures

6X 75G (2.65 OZ) + 3 FREE 15G (0.35 OZ) TRAVEL TUBES

  • + Up to 12 month’s use *


6 tubes of 75gr + 3 Free tubes of 15g + 20 tablet’s box of DETOX NitrAdine

* For upper and lower dentures

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Is OlivaFix® Gold expensive ?

  • checklistEconomical in use thanks to the strong and long lasting hold.
  • checklistWe use Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil and price is costly and fluctuate on market prices.
  • checklistThe manufacturing process is complex and difficult compared to regular adhesive creams.
  • checklistOur world-wide volumes are way too low to reduce substantially manufacturing cost.
  • checklistAround 6 years of very hard work in research and development add to the high cost.
  • checklistPatent cost in many countries are expensive to maintain for a small company like bonyf.
  • checklistOur fulfillment partner Dental Care Products, who assure you a fast delivery, add to the cost.
  • checklistbonyf is still committed in further research into our line of healthy products.
  • checklistIn order to continue to produce this world-wide unique productwe as manufacture are obliged to charge high prices as otherwise we would be forced to stop to make this great innovation.
OlivaFix Gold Healthy Denture Adhesive Cream Box